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Auswahl besondere Referenzprojekte

Selection of special reference projects:

UST. Luga, Russia:

Pre-Feasibility Study Ferry Terminal

Ust. Luga, Russia:

  • Basic Design Ferry Terminal – Layout and  Configuration
  • Management Consulting of the Executive Director and Advisory Board
  • Transport cost analysis for two different transportation corridors for Rail traffic from / to West Europe into / out of CIS countries

Vancouver, Canada:

  • Container Terminal planning – Vancouver Canada various projects USA, Mexico South America
  • Senior Project Management for EPC Construction Contracts
  • Steering of multi national engineering and consulting groups

t. Petersburg/Lomonosov, Russia:

Greenfield Container Terminal:

  • EPC Contract and Engineering Contract negotiations
  • Focal Point - Project Coordination and construction start up.
  • Terminal configuration (layout): Terminal planning, i.e. stacking area, terminal logistic planning. Simulation modelling in cooperation with ISL Bremen (Scusy).
  • Definition of requirements for the Terminal Operation (handling equipment)
  • Definition of Employers Requirements

Gedansk, Poland:

DCT Container Terminal:

Technical Advisory to Investment  Bank 

  • Investment controlling of the loan agreement

River Nile, Egypt:

Feasibility Study:

  • Container transport logistics: nautical requirement to inland barge configuration – inland container terminal planning / layout and operation.

Vlore, Albania:

Container / Multi-Purpose Terminal:

  • Project development
  • Port planning (layout)
  • Terminal handling technology
  • Business plan
  • Concession agreement
  • Acquisition of financing capital


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